2013 Hire Minds summit is the only event held annually that specifically addresses the general practices and challenges of hiring for the hourly workplace. Leaders from different parts of the hourly industry, including restaurants and retail, come together to share and explore the best practices for maximizing the potential of hourly workers and those who employ them.

A major part of the summit are the panels led by industry experts, providing insight into the latest hiring trends and giving employers the tools and knowledge they need to face these changes with confidence. Videos of these panels are available on the official Hire Minds site, but in case you’re short on time, we are excited to share the highlights. Read on to discover the main points from the keynote session “State of the hourly worker,” presented by Victor Fernandez, the executive director of insights and knowledge at People Report; Dennis Duffy, the president of Loyalogy and Scott Hicks, director of business intelligence at Snagajob.  Learn more about the current trends associated with job seekers searching for hourly work.

Trends and what they mean to you
If you’re trying to figure out what the average job seeker looks like, just take a look at the numbers. The unemployment rate has been dropping in recent years; however, this does not account for seekers who consider themselves to be underemployed,  in search for more hours or looking for another job. These are usually people who identify as the primary earners for their household and are in need of another source of income. Keep this in mind when hiring and you’ll discover another pool of potential hires.

Your brand is important
Today, job seekers are more likely to research your company before applying for a job. Searching for information online, reading reviews and voicing opinions on various social media platforms are all commonplace. By appealing to the more social nature of job seekers and providing more information upfront about your brand and it what it stands for, you’re more likely to attract seekers who are eager to devote their time and energy to a contemporary workplace.

User experience is important too
Hiring online certainly makes things easier, but sometimes it can become an obstacle for the job seeker. Some employers believe a complicated process can weed out any unqualified applicants, but hiring online should never act as a barrier. Your online hiring process represents your company and its brand, so it’s important to keep it up to date and not too hard to complete. Also make a point to get back to job seekers once they’ve applied for a position, whether they are being considered for the job or not. How you treat applicants is also representative of your brand so deal with each and every applicant in a timely manner.

Learn more about these current hiring trends by visiting the official Hire Minds site and check out the videos and presentations covering the topics of this year’s summit. Happy hiring!