The  2013 Hire Minds summit is the only event held annually that specifically addresses the general practices and challenges of hiring for the hourly workplace. Leaders from different parts of the hourly industry, including restaurants and retail, come together to share and explore the best practices for maximizing the potential of hourly workers and those who employ them.

A major part of the summit are the panels led by industry experts, providing insight into the latest hiring trends and giving employers the tools and knowledge they need to face these changes with confidence. Videos of these panels are available on the official Hire Minds site, but in case you’re short on time, we don’t mind sharing the highlights.

Read on to discover the main points from the panel “Old school versus new school,” which explores the best ways to combine the latest hiring trends with essential hiring fundamentals. Panelists include David McClaskey, president of the Business Excellence Institute; Sam Oches, editor of QSR Magazine; Jason Lessman, the senior director of human resources for the Boston Market Corporation; and Eric Harrigan, vice president of Employer Product for Snagajob. Here are a few suggestions from the panel on how to get job seekers excited about joining your workforce.

Use the latest hiring technology to your advantage. More and more companies are adopting new hiring technology in an effort to attract younger job seekers, also known as the Millennials, who are searching for contemporary workplaces. The most effective way to reach this segment of job seekers is by providing a simple and easy way to apply to your positions online. This can help establish your reputation as an employer who’s in touch with today’s job seekers .

Interact with walk-ins. When walk-ins come to your store inquiring about work, make sure you do more than direct them to apply online and send them out the door. Start a friendly conversation with the job seeker, maybe even answer a few questions they might have. This will be your first interaction as a possible employer, so make it a pleasant experience.

Demonstrate customer service. If someone is looking for a job with your business, it’s very likely that they are a customer as well. Take care to use your best customer service skills when interacting with an applicant. If they don’t get the job, the respect you showed will keep you from losing a customer. On the other hand, if you end up offering the candidate a position, your behavior will serve as one of your first lessons in customer service.

Don’t abandon your instincts. Just because you start incorporating the latest trends into your hiring process doesn’t mean you have to abandon the instincts you’ve developed over time. Pair your experience with your new hiring tools to maintain a professional approach when dealing with candidates. Mixing the old with the new is a recipe for hiring success.

Learn more about these current hiring trends by visiting the official Hire Minds site and check out the videos and presentations covering the topics of this year’s summit. Happy hiring!