crowded mall

You either love it or you hate it. Some people wait all year for the every man for himself, take no prisoners pandemonium that is Black Friday. Others avoid it like the plague and sit safely at home waiting for Cyber Monday.

In all the hype leading up to Black Friday, shopping professionals were full of tips and tricks to help you score that colossal deal. It struck us that some of the advice being doled out also applies to the hiring process:

  • Advertising is key – People aren’t going to camp out for days for a deal they don’t know exists. The same is true for job openings. You can post your job on your website and hope someone sees it, or you can use niche job boards and employment marketing to draw attention to your brand and job openings. Increasing brand awareness and your chance of a great hire go hand-in-hand.
  • Be prepared for crowds – According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 13.9 million Americans are out of work, so you can expect to see more applications for your job openings. Reading through every application may not be feasible, but if you don’t you may miss a great hire. Use automated talent sourcing and an online application process with behavioral assessments, and the top candidates will be delivered to you.
  • The early bird gets the worm – Or, in this case, the employee. According to a Snagajob poll, more than 50 percent of job seekers expect to hear back from employers within 48 hours of applying. Don’t risk losing a spectacular employee by dragging your feet.
  • Think before you buy – How can you pass up a 42-inch television that’s 90 percent off? There may be a reason they are basically giving those televisions away. You may be very enthusiastic about a potential new hire and think you can skip the background check process to bring him or her on board faster. But background checks are a critical part of the hiring process that can help you avoid a bad hire.

Another Black Friday is in the books and scores of shoppers are looking at their loot and taking stock to form their game plan for next year. Shelves are empty, shoppers are winded and retailers still have that petrified yet excited look in their eyes.

Before Black Friday gets too far in the rear view, take a moment to learn from some of the savviest shoppers around so you can find your colossal deal – the best-fit employee.