The Wall Street Journal CEO Council convened in mid-November 2011 for the fourth time in as many years to address significant challenges facing our country and world. It’s no surprise that healthcare was one of them.

In response, the founder and CEO of SoloHealth, Bart Foster, published what he anticipates to be the “Top Ten Trends for Healthcare & Wellness in 2012.” Technology plays a role in every trend listed.

We think Foster left an important trend off of his list: hiring better people faster for hourly healthcare and wellness jobs. And technology plays a role in that, for sure.

Time for hiring technology

Just think what it would mean if all healthcare and wellness companies – hospitals, home care agencies, physical therapy clinics, therapeutic massage chains, etc. – begin to employ only the people who will provide high-quality care. It would mean their profitability along with the qualitative output of our healthcare system would improve.

But doing so is a hard thing to try to do the old fashioned way.

Foster cites research showing 80 percent of U.S. Internet users claim to have used the web to search for health-related information and answers. Guess what else a lot of them are doing – using the web to search on Snagajob and other job sites for health-related hourly jobs and using Snagajob to apply online for many of them. They’re online because it’s a far easier and better experience.

So first, without technology, it’s hard to find the people who will provide high-quality care. If your healthcare and wellness company is recruiting the old-school way, you’re not getting the attention of the best people available. The job seekers who are online are computer savvy, motivated and resourceful. You need to be online too in order to attract this type of job seeker.

The job search and recruitment process is technology enabled, and so is the hiring process. Healthcare hiring solutions, such as Snagajob’s, are available to healthcare and wellness companies. Those using hiring technology have a way to identify and hire people who will provide high-quality care. And they’re making some serious strides that could be emulated easily. Hiring technology is easy to use, cost effective and proven.

How so?

  • Hiring technology like Snagajob’s is easy to use because it takes the hiring process online, virtually eliminating paperwork, and takes the guesswork out of evaluating applicants, which lets the right people in. Filter questions and a behavioral assessment are built into the online application process, so applicants are identified as possessing or not possessing desirable attitude and character traits in addition to the qualification and skills the actual application is structured to reveal.
  • Hiring technology is cost effective because it allows you to find people who are right for their positions, and people who are right for their positions tend to enjoy the job, provide exceptional service, work productively, be more reliable and stick with it. You’ll save on labor costs and gain new business because of positive word of mouth. Not to mention, you’ll save on the high cost of turnover.
  • Hiring technology is proven because already thousands of healthcare and wellness companies are using it to improve the quality of their hires, save time and increase their profitability. Providers like Snagajob have designed their products and services around the unique hiring needs of these companies. New users can hit the ground running. They’re able to identify quality hires and get better people started quickly.

Foster signs off his 2012 trends article with, “2012 Will Be a Major Breakthrough Year for Healthcare: Call me optimistic, but…we’ll look back on 2012 as the year we made incredible strides towards a healthier, more economical and efficient American healthcare system.”

Hiring solutions designed to help healthcare and wellness companies fill open hourly positions with better people faster will be just part of the picture, but a fundamental one. Consumers of healthcare services will begin to feel the difference in quality, and employers will begin to see the difference in profitability. And the effect on the American healthcare system will build throughout the year – one new Snagajob customer at a time.