Hire Purpose

I think of the modern workplace as a Petri dish – a walling in of ideas that are maniacally forming, dividing, multiplying, bouncing off and absorbing into each other.

There’s a growing legion of talented, driven people with increasing liberty to generate ideas. And a new form of life is bubbling up from the froth. Seth Godin named it the linchpin – surprise, it’s you!

Or it darn well should be, because linchpins get the best jobs and the most freedom. And it must be if you’re a hiring manager, because you are vital to the health and sustainability of your organization.

If you’re not inventing, leading, connecting others, making things happen, creating order out of chaos, loving your work and delighting people, then you’re not a linchpin. You’re just doing your job and putting butts in seats.

For you, being a linchpin would include hiring linchpins. Because you understand there’s a greater good in it for yourself, the people you hire and your organization.

When your hiring process is intended to improve the lives of people on both sides of the position, and everyone the position touches, that’s when you as the hiring manager become indispensable to your organization. That’s when you become a linchpin.

You become a linchpin when you have a hire purpose – a higher purpose to your work as a hiring manager that includes getting linchpins on board and as quickly as possible.

The very definition of a successful business begins and ends with you – the person in charge of “a bringing together of talented people who agree to work to achieve some common goals.”

This, which is the most perfect definition of a business I’ve ever seen, I found in the book The Cluetrain Manifesto, which inspired me to choose to become a linchpin in my chosen profession.

I hope this post inspires you to choose to become one in yours.

For you, becoming a linchpin is as simple as insisting on a collaborative hiring environment, one in which you’re provided the means to identify the most capable and best suited job seekers, the linchpins, and interview them effectively and bring them onboard correctly and expediently.

There’s a significant ROI in the technology designed to create, foster and support a collaborative hiring environment.

Hiring managers who are linchpins insist on using such technology – insist on using a Talent Management System (TMS) like the one Snagajob offers.

They know a collaborative hiring environment lays the foundation of a mutually beneficial and highly effectual working relationship that pays off for everyone.

This kind of system doesn’t work so well for people in a business defined as “a place where people go to work to earn a living” or some such aberration of what it means to be a business.

There’s no ROI in improving the hiring process in a place like that. And there’s no benefit to non-linchpin hiring managers who lack a hire purpose in using a Talent Management System (TMS). Because what would be the point if you’re not intent on hiring linchpins to surround you?

But it sure would make a huge difference for linchpin hiring managers. A Talent Management System (TMS) is fundamental to the prosperity of properly defined businesses and to improving the lives of people who understand the value of getting other linchpins on board and working to their full potential as quickly as possible.