The only thing better than a hard-working, loyal employee is a hard-working, loyal employee with a ton of friends looking for fresh gigs.

With nearly 90-percent of employers ranking referrals as the No. 1 source for above-average candidates, the more ways you facilitate these referrals, the stronger your referral pipeline will be.

Every day thousands of job seeker are using our networking and engagement features to supercharge their job search. So why can’t you? Snagajob’s networking and engagement features offer sweet new ways for your current employees of the month to share your open jobs and recommend their friends, family, and even their second-cousin’s former babysitter.

Here are three ways to build your referral network:

1) Encourage your hourly workers to register and complete their profiles: Snagajob isn’t just here to help job seekers find hourly jobs. We’re building the community for America’s hourly workforce. It’s a place where those with and without jobs can chat about all issues intersecting the life of the hourly worker. When your employees indicate where they work and opt in to networking (People Search), they’ll pop up as suggested networking connections for folks looking at your jobs in their backyard. Sooner than later, they’ll be invited to connect with these curious job seekers eager to learn a little about working at your business.

2) Get your employees engaged: Once your employees connect to other Snagajob members, they can exchange direct messages. And if they know each other, your employees can even offer recommendations that these seekers can use to apply for your jobs.

3) Dangle the carrot: Quality employee referrals add dollars back into your budget, so why not incentivize workers with rewards. Cash is king, but a free lunch, extra break or gift cards work, too.

What better way for your current employees to share job opportunities with friends and family than by doing it right on Snagajob? Consider starting with a small base of top, loyal employees as an experiment. Then grow from there.

Of course, you can always leverage the power of existing social networking sites. Send out your job description links and encourage your people to post the jobs on Facebook and Twitter. Not only will they connect you to your next employees, but because you’re engaging them in the hiring process, they’ll feel like more a part of the team.