Award-Winning Designer Peter Merholz to Drive New Product and Marketing Design Strategy for America’s Largest Marketplace for Hourly Work

January 3, 2017 – Arlington, Va. – Today, Snagajob, the largest marketplace for hourly work, named Peter Merholz the new head of design. A world-renowned product manager and designer, Merholz will bring a design-first approach to the company’s product strategy that puts emphasis on user experiences and solving for the challenges and needs of the hourly workers and employers who make up the Snagajob marketplace.

Merholz, most notable for founding the pioneering user experience company, Adaptive Path, comes to Snagajob after leading design at Groupon and Jawbone. He co-authored Org Design for Design Orgs, the first book specifically about building and leading effective in-house design teams. Merholz is also credited for coining the term “blog” in 1999.

The appointment of Merholz, who is based in his hometown of Oakland, California, follows the recent addition of Jocelyn Mangan to the company as chief product and marketing officer and marks Snagajob’s investment in accelerating product development and growing its Bay Area presence.

“Peter is an incredible addition to the Snagajob team,” said Peter Harrison, CEO of Snagajob. “We live in an increasingly design-centric world where awesome user experiences are increasingly table stakes. I look forward to working with Peter to help us reimagine the way workers find hourly work and employers find hourly workers so anyone can easily find work whenever and wherever they want, from any device.”

“Having worked with Peter before, I am beyond thrilled for him to join Snagajob and work together again,” said Jocelyn Mangan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of Snagajob. “He has an incredible talent for understanding design as well as product, and how they intersect to deliver an innovative service experience. We are lucky to have him at this point in the company’s growth, and I am excited for our team to continue to evolve with his leadership and support.”

“I’m passionate about the impact design can have on making the world a better place and improving people’s lives,” said Merholz. “Snagajob’s mission is one that truly resonates. I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to collaborate with those within the hourly industry and expand on the work Jocelyn and her team are doing. Snagajob is a marketplace platform with remarkable potential.”

About Snagajob

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