Employers are going to party like it’s 2007. Well, at least three-quarters of the way they did in 2007, the year managers surveyed recently by Snagajob recalled hiring an average of seasonal six employees to work through the holidays.

This holiday period they’re planning to hire about four on average – a 32 percent improvement from a low point in 2009 of three hires. Things are looking up for people seeking a healthy holiday paycheck.

And things are looking up for businesses needing healthy holiday sales. Hiring managers have a rosier outlook than last year, with 25 percent of those surveyed saying they believe sales will increase year over year and only a fraction believing they won’t. In 2009 managers actually forecast a decrease in sales.

Returning workers will make up more than half of the seasonal workforce, managers tell Snagajob. Certainly more than last year are expected to be wooed back. It seems we’re on our way to turning whoa, whoa, whoa back into ho, ho, ho – shifting from anxiety over the peak season to anticipation. Happy holiday hiring!