Turnover. It’s is a common blight on the reputation and earnings of countless businesses with an hourly workforce, so naturally we’ve sliced and diced the topic to shed some light on how to avoid it. But when I learned my beloved travel website TripAdvisor was under fire for knowingly playing host to fake reviews, it made me feel like revisiting turnover in this blog.

(Slight clarification – first it made me feel like an idiot, with all the site traffic from family and friends I’ve driven to TripAdvisor over the years.)

What’s the connection between a corrupt travel website and turnover? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. When new employees keep turning out to be entirely different people than you thought you were hiring, it’s not as much their fault (best feet are always put forward) as yours – point the finger at your hiring process.

Assessments are the way around turnover. Assess your candidates up front for attitude and skill level related to the job requirements, and you’ll hire employees who are better suited to their tasks, happier in their work and more likely to stick around. Snagajob Talent Sourcing comes standard with assessments, and top candidates are identified and clearly marked for hiring managers. As our employers will tell you, it pays (literally) to know exactly who you’re getting.

Studies show 25 to 80 percent of annual wages for entry-level positions represent the cost of turnover. Why not save that money and spend it on ways to increase customer satisfaction?