With so many applicants and so little time, there must be a simpler way to find right employees. While there aren’t any guaranteed shortcuts, there are a few ways to make sure you connect with candidates who are the right-fit.

Start off with a straightforward job posting. Every aspect of the job posting should be straightforward and direct, from the job title to the description. The title used for the position should be easy for seekers to search for; a commonly used title such as ‘cashier,’ ‘cook’, ‘sales,’ etc. are more likely to come up in search results. As you describe the position, succinct sentences grab and keep the attention of seekers who are clicking from one job to the next.

Prepare good interview questions. Of course there are essential interview questions you should be asking every time you sit down with a candidate, but there are also some out-of-the-box questions you can ask to get better sense of their personality. Asking about passions and hobbies they have outside of the workplace can give you some insight on what keeps them motivated and how well they might fit with your company culture. Just make sure you’re not breaking any laws during the interview.

Work with a third-party partner to make the process easier. Finding the employees you need doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Working with a third-partner can give you access to the people and tools you need to filling a position quickly and easily. Snagajob is a site dedicated to connecting hourly employers and job seekers, and with over 65 million registered users, you’re bound to find quality applicants that will make great employees.

The idea of navigating the hiring process shouldn’t send shivers down your spine. The right tools can help you find the right people. Happy hiring!