There’s nothing better than a happy employee, eager to contribute to the success of your business. On the other hand, an employee who’s ready to quit can be an employer’s worst nightmare. An unexpected exit can leave you scrambling to fill a position or looking to other employees to cover the remaining workload.

But alas, such a fate can be avoided by searching for the signs of an employee preparing to quit and approaching turnover with proactive measures. Taking these steps can help save you the stress of finding quality employees to fill those newly open positions.

Search for the signs. When an employee is considering quitting, they usually drop a few hints with their behavior and attitude at work. An easy one to spot is how they handle their shifts; if they arrive late and leave early, you’re probably dealing with someone who no longer cares about repercussions. An overall lack of enthusiasm, especially if it existed before, is also a sign of a potential quitter. The best thing to do is take note of these actions and make sure it doesn’t negatively impact the rest of your team.

Put your hiring ducks in order. If the clues all point to quitting, don’t wait around for the employee to surprise you with the news. Discreetly prepare a new job posting to have ready for when someone hands in their two-weeks notice. Getting caught off-guard can throw a wrench in everyday operations so be ready for whatever, whenever.

Build a pipeline for the future. Take on future turnover by building a pipeline of applicants you believe would make a good fit for your team. Accept applications year-round to make filling positions a little easier. Consider a third-party partner with software that can make is simple for you to not only collect these applications but organize them as well.

Don’t let the thought of employees quitting stop you dead in your tracks. Take charge of the situation by thinking ahead and being ready for any recruiting challenge that may come your way. Happy hiring!