About 70 percent of the time people leave a business due to poor service – not product – according to a CRMguru survey. It’s quite important that not only are you hiring the best workers available, you’re making them want to stay.

And if yours is a seasonal business and you’re charged with hiring people to get you through your busy period, you can’t hope for the best ones to come back next go-round if you don’t offer a quality experience.

‘Tis the season for holiday hiring, so this week we used Facebook to ask hourly job seekers if anything happened to make them not want to work the same holiday job again. We received nearly 10,000 impressions and many valuable responses.

We’ve turned those responses into a collective Dear John letter, below. Read it, weep and then turn to our series of blog posts to find out how to avoid a devastating-to-your-bottom-line breakup with a great seasonal employee.

Look, even though our time together was intense (and let’s admit it, we were both under a lot of stress), I tried to give you another chance. I need a job right now, but you haven’t returned my calls. I know you’re swamped, but still – we have history together. That should count for something.

And another thing; I wouldn’t know what to say if you asked me for my desired pay rate. Too high or too low – either way I lose. It’s probably for the best anyway. My manager was terrible and didn’t show up or tell me when I was scheduled. I got bored because no one took the time to train me – I had to learn the ropes on my own. Well, it’s over, and I’m not coming back.

Sincerely, your former great holiday employee