Who’s tweeting for the Dalai Lama? Kind of a cool question, when you think about it.

Exactly who’s behind the curtain offering Dalai Lama-branded words of wisdom through Twitter is no matter. Good advice is good advice. Receptiveness to good advice is an indicator, I think, of your future success as an owner of a small business or any size enterprise.

For you who must stay nimble, and who must deal daily with constantly shifting priorities, change is a way of life – but it’s hard to deal with even in the best of circumstances. Look, among so many other change challenges that are top of mind for you most every day are the following:

Good advice on how to view and effectively deal with change is priceless. And I found some that I’m happy to share.

Eli Goldratt, author of the business bestseller The Goal, said in an interview:

People are not stupid. Saying people resist change just because it’s a change is saying people are stupid. People certainly do, however, resist change that they have a reason to believe will hurt them.

Ah, ha! Being that I’ve been a warrior for change many times, and I have the battle scars to prove it, this view of change has brought me a more nuanced understanding of why people are resisting it when I think they shouldn’t be. It also brings me peace with why I can turn around and defend the status quo so vigorously at times.

Change is natural and life sustaining – and a majority of time it’s for the best. But sometimes there is wisdom in not changing. Either way, when you’re talking about how to champion or resist change effectively, I think it’s good to remember that “sometimes it takes backwards doing to be forward thinking.” (there you go, my own words of wisdom)

Because don’t forget that above all, people want to feel heard, respected, connected and accepted. An effort to champion or resist change of any sort that doesn’t take these fundamental human needs into account is bound to fail. To move your business forward and in a positive direction – either by abandoning something that’s entrenched or defending something that for good reason should remain status quo – it takes going back to good old-fashioned neighborliness to get everyone on board.

I wish you good luck stumbling upon words of wisdom hidden in the unlikeliest of places, like in trade magazines where I found Goldratt’s, or that lie in plain sight. Feel free to stumble around in this blog. Our intent is to offer Snagajob-branded good advice to employers of all sizes here regularly.