Great hospitality workers have these 5 basic skills.

What matters most when you’re hiring for your hospitality brand? As you build your “A” team, it’s important to consider who will interact with your customers the best.

Your customer are essential to your business. A great experience with your brand is a priority. It increases customer loyalty and helps your business grow, boosting your reputation. Hiring employees with great customer service skills is crucial.

Remember these 5 basic skills every hospitality worker needs the next time you’re interviewing candidates:

1. Patience

The most important customer service skill, hands down, is patience. Talk to employees how important it is to remain cool, calm and collected, even with the most trying customers.

During an interview, ask an applicant about the right amount of time to spend with a customer. There’s no right amount of time since each situation is different. If the interviewee shares a specific timeframe, you’ll know that’s when they’re more likely to start getting impatient.

 2. Communication skills

Everyone wants to avoid  misunderstanding with customers. A solid understanding of your brand’s policies and procedures gives your employees the knowledge they need to provide the best assistance.

When interviewing, take notice of whether or not an applicant is fully answering your questions. Are they rambling or talking in circles? While nerves are normal, the points they’re making should come across clearly.

3. Willingness to learn

Encourage your employees to ask questions if they feel unsure in a situation. If a customer complaint isn’t handled correctly, provide constructive criticism to avoid a similar outcome.  A worker that’s willing to learn can outweigh one with more experience that may be stuck in their ways.

Different answers throughout the interview will indicate willingness to learn: career motivation , curiosity during the interview and a healthy amount of confidence.

 4. Positivity

“We can’t do that” versus, “Unfortunately, that’s not something we currently offer, but we have another option you might be interested in.” Framing things in a more positive light can make a huge difference.

Present a hypothetical scenario and ask the interviewee how they would relay the news. Role playing will provide insight into whether or not they can keep things positive.

5. Goal oriented

Goal: Keep the customers happy. If you rally your team around this, they’ll be more willing to go above and beyond to ensure every customer’s satisfied. A strong work ethic is a key trait in potential hires.

Asking, “Why is this role important?” reveals what the candidate thinks is their main goal on the job. A great answer should align with your own brand’s values and culture.

Better customer service makes for happy, repeat customers. Seeking these traits early on means less teaching on the job and more opportunities to make building your ideal team.

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