The hiring market is currently pretty tight for employers. With the improving economy it’s becoming harder to recruit and retain those top tier workers. The hourly-paid market can be particularly difficult to navigate with high turnover and a constantly changing market.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching and studying hourly job seekers to see what you can do to stand out to these rockstar workers to make sure you’re on the top of their list when searching for jobs. By using these tips, you might find yourself with a plethora of awesome applications to choose from.

1) Provide flexibility

You absolutely must keep flexibility in mind when hiring your staff. Many hourly workers are also juggling school, other jobs, and even passions while working for your company. Being able to openly talk to them about their schedule will go a long way in their tenure at your business.

In addition, it’s important to give them as much notice as possible when making their schedule so they can plan around their shifts. Giving them their schedule a few days in advance may frustrate them and cause them to look for other positions. This also might start to hurt your employee reputation and scare people away from applying to your open positions.

2) Room for growth

If you’re looking to hire more experienced workers, highlighting your company’s reputation for hiring from within can go a long way. Snagajob’s surveys tell us that 45 percent of the hourly workforce takes room for growth into consideration when making a decision about accepting a job offer.

By mentioning any stats you have in a job posting (i.e., 50 percent of managers start as cashiers) or specifically calling out training programs your company offers to new employees, you’ll be setting yourself apart from your competition and setting yourself up for success with job seekers. And the more people you’re hiring from within, the greater your reputation will become as someone who truly cares about the future of their employees.

3) Show appreciation

Did you know that almost 90 percent of hourly workers apply to places where they are already a customer? Your reputation with job seekers starts with your employees, who are also your customers. Not only will you be helping your favor with your employees, you’ll also be gaining the respect of your customers at the same time.

This could be something as simple as spot bonuses, incentive programs, surprise lunches and team outings. Anything that shows them you appreciate their hard work. This might make them work harder for you, and word will most certainly get out to those searching for a job that you are a place that values hard work. By investing in your employees, you’ll also start to see an influx in referrals from your current employees, which we all know can be extremely valuable.

4) Highlight your culture

Almost 50 percent of hourly workers say that culture is the number one thing they think about when considering a job offer. No one wants to work somewhere they think will be an unhappy, unproductive workplace. This fact is especially something to keep in mind if you can’t raise wages or provide extra benefits. Your culture can be your selling point to job seekers if you put in the effort to make it a great place to work.

Each of the tips above can go a long way in making your culture a place you can be proud of and a place where job seekers will actively look to apply. Your culture is more than just the physical space of your business, it’s your willingness to provide flexibility, your investment in the growth of your employees and your recognition of employees.