25 reasons you need this Careers Site now!

Hire the workers you need, when you need them with a Snag Careers Site. With this customizable, mobile-friendly site you can post as many jobs as you want for free. Get started today.

Still not convinced? Here are 25 reasons you need a Careers Site now:

  1. You need to claim your business URL before someone else does.
  2. You’ll have one easy-to-use place to track and manage all of your applications.
  3. You can stop wasting time finding job seekers and get back to growing your business.
  4. Because you can stay ahead of (or keep up with) the competition.
  5. In one click you can share your jobs with Snag’s network of 90+ million hourly workers.
  6. You’ll finally have a short URL that doesn’t take forever to say, write or remember.
  7. You can literally promote your jobs in your sleep and get applications anytime—even when your business is closed.  
  8. You don’t need fancy tech skills to customize and make your site look great.
  9. Because it’s FREE to set up and maintain. No strings attached.
  10. Workers can text and automatically receive a direct link to your jobs on their phones.
  11. You won’t miss out on quality candidates due to a frustrating application process.
  12. There’s no complicated software to deal with.
  13. Workers are always on their phones, that’s where you should be too.
  14. Did we mention you won’t need paper applications anymore? Bye bye papercuts.
  15. Because your brand is cool. Show it off and attract more quality workers.
  16. You have the freedom to post unlimited jobs to your Careers Site for free, $0, zilch.
  17. You can finally get rid of your own hard-to-manage and hard-to-use hiring page.
  18. Just post your URL (NowHiring.com/companyname) around your store, so candidates know where to apply without having to hunt you down.
  19. With an application process this simple, you’ll get more applications and less drop off.
  20. You don’t have to pay for applications—ever!
  21. You will keep up with your audience and modernize your hiring process with SMS.
  22. You can easily boost your jobs when you’re in a pinch to hire fast.
  23. You’ll reduce your time to hire because you’ll get more visibility, receive more applications and can easily promote your jobs.
  24. It’s easy to shine a spotlight on your brand with customized colors, fonts and company photos.
  25. Because in the time it took you to read this, you could’ve already launched your Careers Site.

Creating your free Snag Careers Site is the easiest business decision you’ll make all day. So, what are you waiting for? Set up is simple just click here and get started today.

Careers Sites are now available for all new Snag customers and are coming soon for existing users.