The weather is just now starting to cool down, but the holiday hiring season is really heating up. Each year, Snagajob surveys hourly employers to get a feel on how the year’s hiring will play out. Our 2015 Holiday Hiring Survey revealed what employers are looking for in a seasonal worker and what they are expecting to offer their workforce. We pulled together some highlights you need to know:


  • Over 80 percent of the employers surveyed plan to hire additional workers for the holiday season.
  • About 70 percent of those hiring plan on hiring at least one of the same employees from the previous year.
  • On average, 88 percent plan on keeping some of the seasonal employees on staff after the holidays are over.
  • Over 70 percent of the holiday positions will be filled by the end of October.
  • The majority of employers (85 percent) find that following up on a job application is impressive.


  • Over 60 percent of employers plan on posting job openings to online job boards.
  • On average, a manager spends over 30 percent of his or her time completing hiring-related activities.
  • Over 80 percent of employers surveyed feel that job seekers frequently fail to complete a company’s application because of their talent assessment software.
  • An online interview scheduling system would most likely increase a company’s job application volume, followed closely by a guarantee that applicants will hear back from the employer.


  • On average, seasonal workers will clock in 23 hours per week.
  • Almost 80 percent of employers feel that the federal minimum wage should be higher.
  • A positive attitude is the most important characteristic a seasonal job seeker can have. This is followed by: flexible schedule, commitment to work the entire season and previous experience in the industry.
  • Retail workers will be paid: $9.68/hr on average.
  • Food service workers will be paid: $9.33/hr on average.
  • Hospitality workers will be paid: $10.97/hr on average.

We’re going to dive into these results in upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned!