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Scheduling made simple
Assign shifts, instantly connect with staff and more with our employee scheduler.
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Get your time back

We get it: talking with your employees about who can work, and when, eats away at your time. Our employee scheduling app will manage those requests so you can make decisions when it’s convenient.

Save time

Publish schedules in less than 10 minutes

Swap shifts

Resolve scheduling conflicts in real-time

Set availability

Collect team availability and see it in real time

Repeating shifts

Schedule shifts for up to 6 months in advance

Claim or swap shifts

Your employees want more control over their schedules too. With scheduling, you can post last minute open shifts and your team can claim them if they’re available to work. Once claimed, any changes are instantly added to the schedule.

Send messages

Send messages to individual employees or entire teams. You can also broadcast important announcements and resolve scheduling conflicts in real time.


Individual and group instant messaging


Broadcast important announcements

Manager alerts

Schedule updates and shift detail alerts

Task manager

Assign day-to-day tasks to your team

Make sense of overhead at a glance

Calculate total wages based on the number of scheduled hours. Adjust your payrates for multiple positions and see how your labor costs stack up against your budget.

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